EPGO III - Inditex I Entreculturas
Entreculturas and Inditex: over 15 years working together, educating people, and generating opportunities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Our programs make it possible for the most vulnerable people to access a better future for their communities.
Entreculturas, ONG, Educación
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© Monteserín Photography

Educating People, Generating Opportunities

Education, employment, and humanitarian aid to the world’s most vulnerable people

Educate People, Generate Opportunities III (EPGO III) is a development programme initiated in 2014 and promoted by Entreculturas and Inditex. We renew our third three-year agreement in 2020 with the aim of continuing to carry out educational, employment and humanitarian aid programmes. This work is carried out hand-in-hand with local partner organisations, among which Fe y Alegría, the Jesuit Refugee Service and the Jesuit Migrant Service stand out. 

Our goal includes the United Nation’s new
2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

© Monteserín Photography

EPGO III at a glance









In this new agreement we will carry out 25 social projects in 12 countries (Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Lebanon, South Africa and, as a novelty, Spain) where our goal is to serve 200,093 people in these three years. To achieve this, the total social investment of the program will be of 9.84 millions of euros.

We work in humanitarian crisis situations, helping migrants,
refugees, and victims of natural disasters

© Monteserín Photography

Program progress

We will help 200.093 people in 3 years.

We continue multiplying opportunities