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Entreculturas and Inditex: over 15 years working together, educating people, and generating opportunities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Our programs make it possible for the most vulnerable people to access a better future for their communities.
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Earthquake in Ecuador

Education to overcome tragedy

The earthquake that struck northwest Ecuador in April 2016 took the lives of over 600 people, left 30,000 people homeless, and affected some 700 schools, impeding or hindering the access to education for thousands of schoolchildren. A total of 1,000 people have benefited from the «Ecuador Emergency» program.

We support various partner organizations that
provide aid to the hardest-hit populations

Earthquake facts and figures


Year of the earthquake


Deceased people


Homeless people


Affected schools

Program progress

Since then, we support the work of different partner organizations that provide aid to the populations hardest hit by the earthquake by providing emergency aid like food and medicine, offering psychosocial support and medical assistance, building earthquake-resistant housing for affected families, reconstructing schools, and developing activities that focus on resilience and risk reduction.

Earthquake in Mexico

Infrastructure reconstruction and aid to victims

After the earthquakes in Mexico in September 2017, which left about 400 people dead in addition to causing serious damage to infrastructure, we launched two interventions to provide support to victims of this natural disaster.

Immediate action makes it possible for
the population to better respond to the tragedy

Earthquake facts and figures


Year of the earthquake


Reconstructed houses


Reconstructed shelters


People attended

Program progress

A total of 18,400 victims benefited from both projects. The first project we implemented together with the Jesuit Migrant Service was focused on the reconstruction of migrant shelters that had been damaged by the earthquake. On the other hand, we also helped the Loyola Foundation build homes for displaced families.

We immediately intervene in humanitarian crisis

We support the people most affected by the crisis

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