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Entreculturas and Inditex: over 15 years working together, educating people, and generating opportunities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Our programs make it possible for the most vulnerable people to access a better future for their communities.
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© Mauricio López

Response to the educational emergency due to Covid-19 in Venezuela

4 lines of action at 176 educational centers

Fe y Alegría Venezuela has adapted its educational offer by developing the Education in Emergency project in order to face the humanitarian and health emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FyA Venezuela will rely on 4 lines of action to impact 176 educational centers: distance education (ensuring quality education adapted to the current context), food assistance (minimizing the nutritional deficit), care for caregivers (guaranteeing adequate salaries to teachers) and early recovery (providing security and protection to schools and educational infrastructures).

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We intervene immediately in humanitarian emergencies.

We support the most affected population.

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