Generating opportunities

Education and inclusion for a sustainable world

Generating opportunities (GO) is a development program promoted by Inditex and Entreculturas for 2023-2025, with which we will carry out inclusive education projects, employment and humanitarian aid programs in 12 countries of Africa, Asia, Latino America and Spain.








millions of €



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Thanks to this program, we are carrying out 24 projects in 12 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Lebanon, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Our goal is to attend 122.939 people in these 3 years.

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With this program we want to respond to the major challenges faced by the population in situations of greater vulnerability, amplified by the pandemic Covid-19 that caused the unprecedented global school closures.

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In 2023, we are attending 57.030 people at risk of social exclusion through 24 educational, employment and humanitarian aid projects that we have initiated in 12 countries.


people access to education


people job training


people access to employment


people healthcare


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In response to the widening education gap and the socioemotional consequences aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facilitating the recovery of learning and generating more inclusive, equitable, resilient and quality educational environments.

Training for employment

We are reducing the barriers to sustainable livelihoods faced by vulnerable and excluded people, and we are creating opportunities for job placement and entrepreneurship.


Given the serious humanitarian crisis and the conditions of vulnerability and lack of protection experienced by the refugee and displaced population, we are offering a comprehensive response that contributes to restoring their right to a decent life, achieving their psychosocial well-being and promoting their local integration.

In all our projects we focus special attention on girls and women, due to the high degree of vulnerability they suffer: the gender perspective is the central axis of all our projects, both transversally and with specific projects aimed at the prevention of gender violence.